Pamella Allen and Donchellee Fulwood: Walking to a Different Beat

Walking to a Different Beat Pamella Allen And Donchellee Fulwood

An exhibition of two female artists making art both personal and creating a new distinctive visual language. Artists Pamella Allen and Donchellee Fulwood represent Black woman artists using art to explore identity and process. The making of work for each is a long experimentation process with ideas and mediums that result in pieces that have a defined character.

Pamella Allen is a descendent of a long line of mystic storytellers. Through her work, she investigates the intersections of memory and nature, body and soul. A Jamaica born, Brooklyn based artist, she uses artifacts from her life experiences pulled from memory and observation, her work is layered in process: mixed media paintings, printmaking, sculpture, paper making, Installation, photography/video essay & prose combine to create her own archetype

Donchellee Fulwood is a Visual Artist born in Secaucus, NJ, and raised in Jersey City. In the course of her work, she creates by using acrylic paints on both canvas and basswood surfaces. She also uses ink on paper to create compositions. By using both mediums, Fulwood came up with a unique trademark of pattern designs within a full shape and in compositions, both in black-and-white and in color.


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