2022 Atlantic World Art Fair

Artists We Are Showing at the Atlantic World Art Fair

Adeline Gregoire, Elan Cadiz,

Margaret Vendryes, Alexandre Kyungu Mwilambwe,

Donchellee Fulwood, P. Wamaitha Ng’ang’a,

Inyang Essien, Winfred Nana Amoah, Kwesi Kwarteng, and QRCKY


Adeline Gregoire (B. 1981) is a visual Artist from Trinidad & Tobago. Her artistic and curatorial practice explores themes of memory and decoloniality, as well as the varied and alternate narratives of Caribbean, BIPOC and postcolonial societies. Her most recent work investigates the idea of “Island DNA” or the way in which landscape – a complex accumulation of geographical, historical, and multiple elements – continues to inform and shape the lived realities of the people who inhabit these spaces. Adeline Gregoire is the Editor of CULTUREGO (2013) a cultural platform which highlights creatives from Trinidad and Tobago across the Caribbean and is the Founder of HOT SUN Caribbean Contemporary Art (2021).

Elan Cadiz is an interdisciplinary North American Visual Artist that deconstructs and balances her intersectionality through her projects. Her artand practice are grounded in the documentation of her personal narrative through the use of historical imagery and the domestic. Cadiz sees herself as a cultural interpreter and visual documentarian. She immerses herself in environments, documenting the familiar and the unfamiliar all the while expressing these inquiries with artworks she create. The artworks created and the materials used are all determined by her experience and interactions with the places and people she comes in contact with, in the present and the past. ​Elan Cadiz graduated from City College of New York with a BA in Studio Art and received a MFA Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts where she was awarded the SVA Merit Scholarship, Paul Rhodes Memorial Award and the Martha Trevor Award. ​Cadiz has been commissioned by the Studio Museum in Harlem, El Museo de Barrio, Art in Flux Harlem, Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and more. She was one of the first Sustainable Arts Foundation AIRspace Parent Artist Resident at Abrons Art Center and her An American Family Album series was featured in VOGUE. Her artworks can also be found in New American Paintings magazine, issue #146 and #153.

Margaret Rose Vendryes presents images of Black celebrities reunited with their African ancestry via iconic African masks in her African Diva Project. Underway since 2005, the images, selected from commercial photographs, convey a wide range of messages from the gender fluidity of Billy Porter to the classic sophistication of Leontyne Price to the Afrofuturism of funk pioneer Betty Davis. Each African Diva wears an African mask with pride acknowledging a powerful and prestigious legacy that reveals cultural continuity and retention in the visual arts.  The Project re-presents the artistry of costume designers, the specialized eye of commercial photographers, and the consummate craftsmanship of African carvers who contributed to memorable visual presentations of Black talent, style, and attitude.

Alexandre Kyungu Mwilambwe (born in 1992, Kinshasa D.R.Congo) lives and works in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. He studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. He is co-founder of the group Vision Total and works in collaboration with Kin Art Studio (KAS). Alexandre Kyungu has participated in several group exhibitions and artist residencies in his country and abroad

Donchellee Fulwood is a Visual Artist born in Secaucus, NJ, and raised in Jersey City. In the course of her work, she creates by using acrylic paints on both canvas and basswood surfaces. She also uses ink on paper to create compositions. By using both mediums, Fulwood came up with a unique trademark of pattern designs within a full shape and in compositions, both in black-and-white and in color.

P. Wamaitha Ng’ang’a (b. 1982, Kenya) , is a Kenyan-British visual artist and photographer based in London, England. Using mixed media and photography, Wamaitha creates works that confront contemporary issues on women and children rights, social, political and environmental issues and cultural identity. She also works with self-portraiture in the realm of art therapy and symbolism communication, exploring the interconnections of nature, spirituality and healing. This process is a personal catharsis and reconciliation of the physical and psychological journey as she deals with her health. She studied Photography (First class BA Hons) and Media, Campaigning and Social Change (MA) at the University of Westminster, England

Winfred Nana Amoah (born 18 march 1996, Hohoe Ghana ) is a Hohoe based artist whose media of practice include plastics, textiles, used credit cards, research articles, newspapers and acrylic on canvas. Amoah uses these materials to explore personal identities and community belonging, particularly in the contemporary Ghanaian context. Amoah series of mixed media depicts the faces of some of the Hohoe- dwelling people. The faces as a universal concept is a communicative event. Seeing these faces we are left to be “accomplices ” in making meaning of these pro-communicative gestures. We see the smile and we assume their happy.  When they are stern, we wonder what they might be thinking.

Inyang Essien is born in the United States to Nigerian immigrants. Her upbringing was heavily influenced by culture and customs that are foreign to the United States. The red, white, and blue colors serve as cultural symbolism for her Nationality. The colors coupled with the cultural hairstyle and textile represent her experience as a first-generation Nigerian-American.


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